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"Saving" Natural Gas Means More Flaring?

Chaos in the Natural Gas Supply Chain, too?

Uncle Rube's PV Solar is an Energy Sink?

What is it with the Yellow "Radioactive Waste" Barrels?

3,500 is More than 600

Waging War on Energy is Waging War on People

Creep Fatigue Interaction Is Wrecking the Grid

Denmark: Energy Poverty in the Age of Absurdities

The Only Thing Worse than Cancer is More Cancer

Alice in Wonderland

Dr. Ruzic's Energy Academy

Fuel is the Most Useful Energy of All

The Invisible Lobby Hates This Idea

Fuel is a Commodity, Uber is a Service, & Floober is a Loser

Fractions of Crude Oil & Distillation - Refining

How 'bout a Union of Concerned Systems Engineers?

"Nuclear Power Did This"

Rube Goldberg Machines Are Naught More than Fossil Energy Converters

Ever Heard of "Gaslighting"?

The Biggest Rube Goldberg Machine on the Planet

Waste Solar Panels: Toxic Goo or Paydirt? Part 1

The Weathering Weather Wrecks Everything

Guest Op-Ed: Planting Trees: Thoughts On EROI

Hard to Decarbonise: Diesels

Wind & Solar Power are Like Graphite; Nuclear Power is Like Diamonds

Self-Evident Truth

Nuclear Power Has No Natural Constituency--But Instead, Natural Enemies

Tidal Energy Harvesting is Anything but Neat & Tidy

Next time somebody brings up nuclear power accidents....

+VLFBERH+T, Bog Iron, & a Metallurgical Mystery

Rube Goldberg Machines

European Greenies from Mordor

The Last Puff of Steam - Rudolf Diesel's Most Clever Creation, Part 2

EV Lifecycle Assessment Lunacy

The "Social Cost" of Carbon

Meet Europe's Virtuous, No-Fracking Superheroes

Meet Entropy

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Crude Oil is Like Raw Milk and Diesel Fuel is the Cream

When Rube Goldberg is Your Systems Engineer: Wind-Solar-Batteries

Heap-Leaching Copper

Is "Renewable Energy" Renewable?

How Much Extra Carbon Does One EV Battery Consume Before Its First Charge?

The Recyclable LiOn and other Bedtime Stories

Diesel Fuel as Limiting Factor

Nuclear Power Now!

Insulate Britain Net Zero - Wattle & Daub Redux

Dr. Abel Explains the Energy - Life Connection

Self-Evident Energy Truth No. 4

Self-Evident Energy Truth No. 3

SILVER: From Potosí to PV Solar to Electronic Waste

Self-Evident Energy Truth No. 2

Rudolph Diesel's Most Clever Creation, Part One

Let's Hang the Baker

Self-Evident Energy Truth No. 1


What is "Civilization"?

Civilization Needed a Lawyer - So I Applied for the Job

Dust Bunnies, Civilization, and the Circular Economy Fable

Which Energy Storage is Better ?


Dinosaurs Got Massive & Then Died for Reasons

Levelized Cost of Energy & the Wind/Solar Magic Accounting Game

Wind/Solar/Batteries & the Public Utility Racket

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